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Wastewater Authority


Permit compliance investments and rising O&M costs have led to steadily increasing sewer user charges. Unfortunately, a compliance-centric focus has often left efficiency as an afterthought. Aquasight believes that strong compliance and high efficiency can go hand-in-hand.


Per year maintaining wastewater operations at current
levels by 2020


Of operating costs are associated with the activated sludge process


kWh are consumed by treatment plants each year costing
$2.7 billion


Wastewater contains 5x more energy than what is required to treat it


Wastewater facilities have a unique opportunity to drive O&M savings and monetize thermal energy embedded in wastewater. Every $1 in recurring O&M savings creates an opportunity for $8-$10 in capital spending without user charge increases. Aquasight’s APOLLO creates savings and helps get the most out of wastewater solids.


10% to 50% in Energy Savings

10% to 40% Chemical Savings

Unit Process Performance

Predictive Maintenance

Asset Intelligence


Pumping performance

Phosphorus removal


Nitrification intelligence

Blower performance

Disinfection optimization

Solids handling intelligence

Chemical measurements monitoring

No HW/SW installation required

Aquasight Virtual

Platform Overview

Artificial Intelligence

APOLLO features real-time performance insights into process conditions and delivers actionable advice on opportunities for efficiency gains. By combining powerful technologies with artificial intelligence, it mines complex webs of real-time data and chemical measurements. Advisory alerts are displayed in an intuitive interface that takes only minutes to learn. With APOLLO, utilities achieve enhanced control of O&M costs and easier permit compliance.

Real-Time Advisors

APOLLO’s built-in real-time advisors aid operators and management in improving efficiency. For example, the DO advisor assists operators in achieving optimal dissolved O2 concentrations by providing timely advice based on a facility’s existing array of live sensor data. Similarly, the Nitrification advisor monitors the degree of nitrification occurring in real-time.

Asset Intelligence

APOLLO provides real-time intelligence on assets including pumps, blowers and mixers and compares performance relative to design. It also provides advice on how best to operate these assets to keep them in optimal condition and avoid expensive repairs.

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