The combination of Aquasight and AWS to deliver real-time (IoT) Intelligent Water Solutions to cities around the world presents the best opportunity for building 21st Century Water infrastructure. Aquasight has built our solution suite on AWS to realize these attributes.

Five attributes are critical for a 21st Century Water

Real-time Reliability

All our solutions are real-time with rapid access using AWS network architecture worldwide with high uptime and availability

Cyber Proof

They are cyber proof as we are leveraging the best of practices and technical reviews that AWS has to offer

Advanced AI Intelligence

We are using advanced algorithms that are processed continuously as real-time data rolls in by utilizing AWS serverless architecture

Scalable and Flexible

The solution is scalable by utilizing load balancers and is flexible since it is configurable to any size of city

Continuous Feature Advancements

We can add one feature every eight weeks with Aquasight's innovative delivery model and AWS's ongoing infrastructure capacity advancements

In-Home Leak Management

Serverless and multi-tenant Aquasight solution is architected to roll out a feature called in-home leak detection. This feature accesses smart meter data from a city utility through an S3 and leverages a multi-tenant lambda function to run leak detection algorithms. The data is stored in clusters and is accessed via amazon and proprietary Aquasight API. City specific users are restricted, and this transformed workflow of leak detection is rapidly providing usage via Aquasight’s GIS centric AURA web app, anomalies detected in the city network . This feature helps with savings of $1000s of dollars for the residents and drives workforce productivity for the city and with water conservation programs

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Real-Time Wastewater Treatment Optimization

Aquasight combines real-time SCADA, lab process reading (LIMS), environmental data (rain), design specifications and process SOPs to provide both real-time advanced process intelligence, prediction, and forecasting of future plant flows, SMART advisors that provide real-time guidance to plant operators on the best way to run the plant, and intelligence on assets for predictive maintenance. This verticalized plant-based solution has many AWS architectural components to provide a seamless web, mobile, and tablet ready multi-tenant app. This was jointly worked on with the US DOE and is providing savings and capturing experiential knowledge to run these systems

Our Solutions on AWS Infrastructure


Sewer Collection Intelligence


Asset MGMT and Capital Plan


Sewage Surveillance


Efficient Wastewater Treatment


Smart Water Platform


Pump Health and Operation

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