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Current water quality management strategies are out of date and reactive, leading to potential blind spots that endanger public health. Simply complying with regulations leaves water departments vulnerable to impending catastrophes. Utilities need to shift from the compliance approach to a predictive one so they can see issues occur in real-time.


Americans are served by systems with health based violations (NRDC)


Rated water infrastructure creates more contamination entry points (ASCE)


Million US homes get their drinking water through lead service lines

Top 3

Water is among the top 3 global risks according to World Economic Forum


Utilities lack the capabilities and resources to build water quality early warning systems. AURA is a pre-built smart system that provides predictive early warning intel. With AURA, operations, maintenance, and lab personnel will work seamlessly to prevent and resolve quality issues using a unified live-intelligence platform.


water quality

Flushing effectiveness

Seasonal optimization

Geographical hotspots

Compliance insights


Flows &
pressures analytics

Water quality analytics

Reporting & alerting

Stagnant mains & dead-end management

Live hydraulic model simulation


Real-time data visibility

Leak detection

Early warning on quality

Flushing advisor

Platform Overview

Early Warning, Troubleshooting and Optimization

AURA is a ground breaking utility service that manages and optimizes water quality. AURA combines live data from water delivery operations with a hydraulic model to provide real-time water quality indicators. The intelligence generated by AURA is cross referenced with grab sampling data to produce unique insights that help build effective flushing plans.

Free Chlorine Distribution and Bacteria Regrowth

Utilities armed with AURA are able to examine free Chlorine throughout their system and identify time tested hot spots for bacteria regrowth. In addition, AURA pinpoints geographical patterns, tracks degradation over time and maps seasonal patterns so utility staff are never caught off guard.

Compliance Dashboard and Access to Quality Experts

AURA comes equipped with dashboards, critical visual indicators, and the support of water quality experts to help assess and eliminate problems in real-time. No longer will public safety be jeopardized by the old fashioned compliance approach.

Live System Performance with Digital Twin

Going beyond static modelling, AURA brings real time pressure and flow data into hydraulic modeling to help locate high residence times, stagnant mains, and hydraulic dead ends. Time and resources can be focused on the areas of the network that are most at risk.

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